U n i q u e a n d d i s t i n c t W i n e s m a d e i n A l g a r v e


A f a m i l y p a s s i o n f o r w i n e

Cabrita Wines, a family-owned estate in Algarve, Portugal, that evolved from a homemade wine, shared by family and friends, is now a renowned producer known for the quality and uniqueness of its wines. For José Manuel Cabrita, his vineyards are a great passion and he shares it through his wines.


Cabrita Negra Mole

This Native Grapes Editions reveal a vision and a wine profile, which best characterize some of the oldest varieties of the Algarve region, such as Negra Mole.


Cabrita Blanc de Noir

An impressive “Brut Nature” sparkling wine stored in our cellar for 4 years, full of intensity, seductive aromas and very gastronomic.


Cabrita Fortified Wine 10 years

Moscatel-Graúdo, a rare fortified wine in the Algarve has been rescued to preserve its history and aged respecting all its characteristics.


N e w s

All the news about Cabrita Wines, our wines, events, visits to our vineyard, and much more about the Algarve wine world.

Glasses plays a fundamental role in the tasting experience.

The fascinating universe of wine comes to life in a unique way with the launch of Clube Cabrita Wines. This carefully created club offers its members a quarterly journey that goes beyond the simple act of tasting wine, providing a complete and enriching experience.


Q u i n t a d a V i n h a i n t h e A l g a r v e

Cabrita Wines born in the 6 ha of Quinta da Vinha, owned by the Cabrita family for half a century. Currently owns 3 properties, with a total of 16 ha in the Algarve.

Cabrita Wines offers a wide range of experiences, from wine tastings, visits to vineyards, music fests and gastronomic events. Visitors can appreciate and see the passion and dedication of the Cabrita family in producing high quality wines.


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