The Cabrita Wines team

We are a small team in which the love for wine and the Algarve unites us. Every day, we work together to make unique and exclusive wines with the best grape varieties that nature in the Algarve region offers us. Learn more about us, the team responsible for the brand and production of Cabrita Wines.
Cabrita Wines Harvest 2022

J o s é M a n u e l C a b r i t a

An entrepreneur dedicated to the fruit trade, José Manuel Cabrita decided to embrace the legacy left by his father, who produced wine for family and friends, and start his journey in viticulture by creating the brand Cabrita Wines. Against the all the trends, in 2000, he decided to plant only Portuguese grape varieties and bet on traditional methods with the irreverence of the use of modern techniques in the production of his wines. The producer wants to demonstrate the value and diversity of some of the best grape varieties from Portugal and the Algarve region, currently so appreciated. Today he takes immense pride in the excellence of the wines produced by Cabrita Wines, but above all in the quality of the service provided to those who visit Quinta da Vinha, in Silves.

J o a n a M a ç a n i t a

Joana Maçanita started working in the wine world with her brother António Maçanita, at the beginning of the Fita Preta Vinhos & Sexy Wines project. After graduating in Agricultural Engineering, she decided to venture into a wine experience in Australia, where she worked in one of the most prestigious wineries in McLaren Vale. With acquired knowledge, Joana Maçanita made the decision to return to Portugal and create her own consultancy company to support producers in the creation of new projects, in the Douro Region, Alentejo, Lisbon and Algarve. Later, she started her wine production project in the Douro with her brother, and together they launched Maçanita Vinhos – Irmãos & Enólogos. However, she always saw potential in the Algarve, which led her to support the start of the Cabrita Wines project, which she is currently part of.
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Cabrita Wines Harvest 2022

D i n i s G o n ç a l v e s

Born in Lagos, in the Algarve, where he always had a very close connection with the wine world, through his family, he grew up surrounded by vineyards and took his first steps in wine production even before starting his studies in Winemaking. Years later, Dinis Gonçalves participated in harvests in the various wine regions of Portugal, as well as in New Zealand, which allowed him to acquire knowledge and learn different approaches, enriching his experience in wine production. His passion for the Algarve spoke louder and he decided to return to his origins. He embraced the Cabrita Wines project where he manages to bring out the best of this unique terroir, with grape varieties adapted to the soil and climate and knowledge of modern techniques.


D u a r t e R i t o

Duarte Rito started his professional career as a banker, where he stayed for seven years. But, in 2012, he decided to embrace a new challenge by taking over the management of an art gallery, that was part of Única – Adega Cooperativa de Lagoa, where he discovered his passion for wine culture. This new professional and personal focus gained more strength when he accepted to work on one of the most relevant farms with tourist and wine activity in the Algarve, where he could combine his two new passions: wine and art. On his own initiative, he joined the internationally renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust, where he gained wine knowledge and qualifications. His continuous desire to learn led him to Cabrita Wines.

Cabrita Wines Harvest 2022
Cabrita Wines Harvest 2022

A n d r e i a C a b r i t a

From a very young age, Andreia Cabrita wanted to enter the world of music. Perhaps driven by her father José Manuel Cabrita, who was an accordionist, she started attending an accordion school at the age of 10. Her passion led her to participate in numerous international festivals and competitions where she won some awards. But, after completing her education in music, she decided to have her first experience in the wine industry and discovered that she had another passion: wine. Today she works alongside her father at Cabrita Wines, supporting the promotion of the brand at events, guided tours and wine tastings and, sometimes, in the cellar of the Cabrita family project.